Posted on November 25, 2017

Ladies Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Made By Me


I have just finished making these lovely ladies Crochet Fingerless  Gloves.  Now, I personally can’t see the point in wearing Fingerless Gloves because when it’s really cold my fingers are the coldest part of my hands!  I understand that in this day and age people like to keep their fingers free so that they can still use their phones but I wouldn’t be able to do this because my fingers would be too cold to move!


Anyway, with me realising how popular these types of gloves are, I have jumped on the bandwagon and made some. I bought this pattern from the lovely Pauline Fitzpatrick when I visited the Bakewell Wool Gathering.  They are so easy to make and very quick to do.  
Pauline recommended making these gloves in West Yorkshire Spinners Fusion wool, which is what I did.  This wool is a variegated colour which changes to about four different colours throughout the ball/skein.  But I find that when you make things that come in pairs, ie gloves, booties, you tend to waste a lot of wool because you have to wind the wool on to get to the same colour for the second item.  These are two gloves I made with the same wool without starting at the right colour for the second one.



As you can see, they look like two totally different gloves.  I certainly couldn’t sell these as a pair, so I had to buy some more wool to make another pair.  I originally bought three different colours in this wool so when I made the Grey and Purple pair, I made sure I started the second glove at the same colour as the first.  I ended up with quite a lot of wasted wool, so in future I think I will be making these gloves in plain colours because I really like the pattern and I think they look good.



The pattern has instructions for two different types of cuffs, one is a raised treble cuff, which is what I used and the other is for a slip stitch rib cuff, which I haven’t tried yet.  I like the raised treble cuff as I think it looks like it’s a better fit around your wrist, but I will try the slip stitch cuff and see what that looks like.  The gloves can also be made with finger divisions, which is what I put in the first pair I made but the lady who runs the crochet club I go to said that she wouldn’t put them in and preferred them without.  So the other pairs I made didn’t have them in.



I have taken this photo to try and show you how the finger divisions look but unfortunately they don’t show up very well, hopefully you can get the idea.  I personally like these better as the gloves feel more secure on your hands.  If you want to have a go at making these lovely ladies Crochet fingerless gloves, the pattern can be bought from Pauline Fitzpatrick, either her website or on Ravelry.  I will be interested to know how you get on and which cuff you prefer and whether you like the finger divisions or not.  I’m off now to make some more in plain wool,  I will add another post showing these and will let you know how I got on.

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