Posted on November 16, 2017

Handmade Crochet Baby Booties

Made By Me

These are the cute handmade crochet baby booties that I have been making a lot of recently  They are so easy to make and very quick to do.  I have made just four colours up to now but they can be made in many different colours.


Handmade crochet baby booties


They have a thick felt sole which I buy from a great place called Joe’s Toes.  They are perfect for making all your handmade crochet baby booties, they also have patterns for knitted booties and shoes too but I can’t knit at all so I don’t buy these.  The felt soles are made from natural materials and are soft and cosy for little feet.  They come in lots of different colours and sizes, from baby and children sizes up to adult sizes.  Kits of the baby booties can be bought from the website and these have everything you need to make a pair, the wool, a pair of soles and a pattern, even a little plastic darning needle to sew in ends.  These are all supplied  a lovely little organza bag.


Felt soles available at Joe’s Toes


The felt soles have pre-punched holes in around the edge which you crochet or knit into, so there is no sewing involved at all, which to me is the best part about them!   The wool that comes with the kits is the softest most gorgeous merino wool by Malabrigo, which also has a soft sheen to it.


Pre-punched holes to crochet or knit into.


Every single person I show the booties to always say ‘oh look how lovely they are’!  If you would like to have a go at making these, I recommend buying a kit first and seeing how you get on with them.  That’s what I did and after I made my first pair, I bought some soles in different baby sizes and the patterns for the all the sizes and made a few more pairs.  There are also kits available to make some really cute little shoes too, I haven’t made any yet but I will do a blog post about them when I do.

If you make any of these cute little booties I would love to know how you get on.



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