Posted on June 5, 2020

Free Pattern Friday – Crochet Bunting

Crochet Patterns/ Free Pattern Friday
Bunting Collage

As its my husband’s 60th Birthday next week, I thought I would do this month’s ‘Free Pattern Friday’ on crochet bunting!

There are some gorgeous patterns out there, it was hard to choose just four but I will probable do another post at some time to show some more.

First one is:

Unicorn Bunting


Unicorn Crochet Bunting

I love the colours in this bunting by The Knitting Network.  It says on the website that the bunting was made up using leftover yarn from a blanket colour pack.  That is a great idea to use up yarn form other projects, as each triangle of the bunting will only use a small amount of yarn.  The pattern is also ideal for beginner crocheters.  Link for pattern – Unicorn Bunting   


Crochet Hearts Bunting 


Crochet Hearts Bunting

I found this pretty hearts bunting pattern on a blog called Planet Penny.  The pattern is a free PDF download but the hearts have been made to raise awareness of a charity called ‘Little Hearts Matters’ and asks if you could possibly make a donation to it, which I think is a lovely thing to do.  This is another bunting that has been made out of leftover yarn from a baby blanket, so it would be a great matching addition to a nursery.  Link for pattern – Crochet Hearts Bunting


Beer Bottle Bunting

Beer Bottle Bunting

Beer Bottle Bunting

How great are these!  I have never seen bunting like this before, they are brilliant and would be ideal for my husband’s birthday.  I think he would appreciate these more than the unicorn bunting! Haha.  I don’t know how the embroidered words would turn out if I made these, as I have said before, I am hopeless at sewing!  I found this pattern on another great blog called Re-Made By Sam.  Link for pattern – Beer Bottle Bunting


Crochet Bunting


Crochet Bunting

Last one today is another pretty bunting in a triangle shape which has also been made using leftover yarn.  I found this pattern on a website called Laughing Hens but the pattern is actually designed by a lady called Lynne Rowe.  I did look for the pattern on Lynne’s blog but I couldn’t see it on there, so I thought I would still credit her for the pattern.  Link for pattern – Bunting


Well that’s it for now, hope you have enjoyed looking at the bunting patterns?  I am doing Free Pattern Friday on the first Friday of every month now, so the next one will be on July 3rd.  Of course, I will be back with other blog posts before then, showing what I’ve made and lots of other things!

See you soon, stay safe.

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