Posted on March 27, 2020

Folksy Friday – Butterflies

Folksy Friday
Folksy Friday - Butterflies

How quick are these weeks going?  It’s Folksy Friday time again and this weeks theme is butterflies.  I thought with the sun shining and everyone being stuck indoors, it might cheer you up to see a bit of colour!

Butterfly Box

Butterfly Box

Butterfly Box by Tortuga London

First up this week is this beautiful butterfly box made by Tortuga London.  I can’t believe these butterflies are hand cut, what skill that is!  It is a good job I crochet because I can’t cut a straight line!  Lots of artistic items in this shop – Tortuga London


Ceramic Butterfly

Folksy Friday Butterfly

Ceramic Butterfly by Station Cat Pottery

This lovely yellow butterfly is very creative, the body of it has been made using an up-cycled rusty nail!  Lots of other designs in this shop – Station Cat Pottery


Butterfly Hanging Decoration

Butterfly Hanging Decoration

Butterfly Hanging Decoration by Sue Trevor

How colourful and beautiful is this hanging decorations made by Sue Trevor.  It is made using hand dyed Egyptian cotton and silk fabrics.  Many more colourful items in this shop – Sue Trevor


Butterfly Necklace

Silver Butterfly Necklace

Butterfly Necklace by Saffron & Ana Phoenix Jewellery

Jewellery always seems to make an appearance in each theme and I couldn’t resist including this cute necklace.  I love silver jewellery and as they also have matching earrings I might just have to buy some!  Have a look at the other lovely silver jewellery in this shop – Saffron & Ana Phoenix Jewellery


Watercolour Butterfly Card

Folksy Friday Butterfly Card

Watercolour Butterfly Card by The Inky deer

I think it would be really lovely to receive a card that had been bought from a designer and artist rather than a mass produced one.  There are some absolutely beautiful cards in this shop and at very good prices. – The Inky Deer


Butterfly Origami Brooch

Butterfly Origami Brooch

Butterfly Origami Brooch by Sew Hooliboo

I love these fabric brooches by Sew Hooliboo.  Unfortunately her shop is closed at the moment due to the lockdown but I wanted to include her shop as she has many gorgeous items that she makes herself and hopefully we won’t be in the lockdown for long! – Sew Hooliboo


Butterfly Ceramic Coffee Mug

Butterfly Ceramic Coffee Mug

Butterfly Ceramic Coffee Mug by Ornately Lanterns

I am sure that whilst we are all in lockdown, we are all drinking a lot more tea and coffee?  I know I am, it’s all I seem to do at the moment!   To drink from this colourful mug would cheer up me a lot, there is also a matching coaster.  Get yours from –  Ornately Lanterns


Knitting Stitch Markers

Knitting Stitch Markers

Knitting Stitch Markers by 3 Wild Oranges

Last one for this week is something I use a lot of, stitch markers.  I love stitch markers, I have got some in all kinds of designs but I do tend to lose a lot too, so maybe I will have to buy these.  There are lots and lots of stitch markers in this shop so I have saved it for when I need some more. – 3 Wild Oranges


I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the colourful things in this week’s Folksy Friday on Butterflies?  I am sure you will agree with me that there are some very talented people around.

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Until next time, stay safe everyone. x

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  • Reply Ann-Marie Scard March 28, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Thank you for another lovely folksy Friday!
    I have visited everyone you have showcased, I like to buy individual and unique gifts and cards for friends and family and this has given me lots of ideas. I especially love all the beautiful cards by Inky deer and the gorgeous sewing accessories by Sue Trevor!
    Thank you for opening a little window to escape through in these challenging times,stay safe everyone.

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