Posted on February 9, 2019

Esja Jumper

Made By Me
Esja Jumper in progress

I am currently making a beautiful Esja Jumper, designed by one of my favourite crochet designers, Tatsiana from Lilla Bjorn Crochet.  I started it before Christmas but had to put it on one side to make Christmas orders and presents.  Thankfully I can carry on with it now. Tatsiana is a fantastic crochet designer and all her patterns are so different from anything I have ever made before.  I have learnt so many new stitches since finding her blog.  Some of her designs look really complicated but because she explains everything so well , they are really easy to follow. Have a look at her blog here and see what you think. 

The pattern for the Esja Jumper can be bought from Ravelry and it includes photo tutorials to show you what to do. I was a little doubtful of the brioche design part on the front.  It looked quite complicated to me but the instructions on how to do it were so clear, I had no problems at all. If you buy the pattern, you can join the Facebook group and there are lots of help and advice on there.

The yarn recommended to make the Esja Jumper is Scheepjes Our Tribe, which is a gorgeous, soft 4ply yarn.  There are many colours to choose from.  I chose one called ‘It’s all in a nutshell’ for the main colour and ‘Silver Birch’ for the brioche contrast.

Scheepjes Our Tribe in shade All In A Nutshell

Scheepjes Our Tribe in shade All In A Nutshell

The chain I made to start the Jumper looked too loose and it was a bit gappy.  As this is the neck of the Jumper it didn’t look right to me.  I was quite far down the yoke part when I realised this and didn’t want to undo all my work and start again.  I worked ‘double crochet’ stitches into the chain to see if this would look better and thankfully it did.

Neck of Esja Jumper

Neck after I had worked double crochets into the starting chain.

I am now up to the stage where I have shaped the sleeves and I am just working around the body part.  which is just double crochet and chain stitches, so it might be some time until I finish this! 

Esja Jumper in progress

Esja Jumper in progress.

The beauty of this Jumper is that it is all made in the round, so there are no seams on it, which I’m sure will make it very comfortable to wear.  I have seen many of these Jumpers already made up in some lovely colour combinations so I will definitely be making some more.  Even my daughter has asked me to make one for her, so they must be good as she never normally wants anything I make!  I will get on with this now and show you when I have added the sleeves and finished the body part. 


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