Posted on July 6, 2018

My Daughter’s Wedding

What I Have Been Up To
My daughter’s wedding

Well, we have had the ‘wedding of the year’ (no, not Prince Harry and Megan Markle haha!) my lovely daughter Hannah has just got married to the equally lovely Tom.  We had such a brilliant day even though it was very emotional at times, I kept thinking how can my baby be getting married, it only seems like five minutes since she was born! 

As you may know, here in the UK we have been having unusually hot weather for a good few weeks now, we are actually having a summer for the first time in about 40 years, but of course, on the day of the wedding it rained!  It was the only day it has rained here for about five weeks, but Hannah and Tom didn’t let that get them down.  We did manage to get outside between the rain showers to have our photos taken.

My daughter’s wedding

Bride getting ready


My daughter’s wedding

The happy couple


My daughter’s wedding

Cutting the cake


My daughter’s wedding

Hannah and me


My daughter’s wedding

Family photo

Hannah and Tom booked their wedding two years ago and I jokingly said to Hannah, that gives me plenty of time to crochet you a wedding dress, haha!  Needless to say she was horrified, she does not share my passion of crochet at all.  She said ‘I do not want anything crocheted at my wedding’ so I didn’t make her anything (I will wait until the grandchildren arrive!) but I did make my new great niece a pair of the cute baby sandals I have been making recently, here is a post about them.  She looked so cute in them and it gave me an idea to make some in all white instead of a coloured top, thinking they would look a bit more special for wedding’s or a christening outfit.  I made one pair with sparkly heart shaped buttons and another pair in round white buttons and, even though I say it myself I think they look gorgeous.  Here’s how they turned out.

White crochet sandals with sparkly heart shaped buttons

White sandals with sparkly heart shaped buttons


White sandals with round white buttons


I would love to know what you think of the sandals in plain white and which buttons you prefer?  I hope you have enjoyed this post and I haven’t bored you too much with the wedding, I just wanted to let you know what I have been getting up to lately.  I am going back out into the sunshine now and carrying on with the ‘Call the midwife’ blanket I have just started, I will write a post about it when I have finished.  Bye for now.


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