Posted on February 13, 2018

Crochet Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Made By Me
Crochet heart in purple

With Valentines Day coming up I thought I would show you some of the crochet hearts I have been making lately. My favourite is the large door hanging one with the red roses on.  Although the actual heart was easy to make, the roses on the front were a little more difficult.  

Crochet heart with roses

Crochet Heart With Roses

I found the pattern for this beautiful heart in the Yarndale calendar I bought last year, or it could have been the year before!   The pattern is by Lucy from the fantastic blog Attic24.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Lucy at the Yarndale festival in Skipton, which is held every September and it is the highlight of my year!  If you like all things wool related, Yarndale is the place for you.  It’s held over two days and has hundreds of stalls there.  The next time I go, I will write a blog post about it and show you how good it is.

Crochet heart in purple

Crochet heart in purple

I have used this pattern to make a few hearts in other colours and have added different designs to the front of them. Some of them have had small flowers sewn on the front and the other great idea that my sister came up with was to add crochet letters to the front, which we thought would make good door hangers for children’s bedrooms.  Here is a photo of one I made a few years ago for my sister’s granddaughter, Frankie and I added two butterfly buttons to the corners. 

Crochet Heart With Letter On The Frint

Crochet Heart With Letter On The Front

It’s not a very good photo, sorry, it’s an old one I found on my phone, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what else can be put on the front of the hearts.  As you can see, there are many different things that can be added to these hearts, making them ideal to adapt to different gift options, proving that hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day!  Hope this helps to give you some ideas?

If you would like to make one of these hearts, I have included a link for the free pattern at the end of this post.

The other crochet hearts I have been making are keyrings and a lavender filled heart.  These have been made by making two hearts and sewing them togetherThe purple lavender one actually has real lavender in the middle and smells absolutely delicious.  In my next blog post I’m going to show you the lavender bag/sachet I have been making, which are also filled with real lavender.  I thought these would make really nice Mother’s Day gifts, which is next month, here in the UK.

There are many free patterns for crochet hearts on the internet, I have included links to my favourite ones at the end of this post.

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day I hope you all have a great and romantic day, as for me, I’m too old for all that! Haha.

My next blog post will be about gift ideas that can be made for Mother’s Day.  See you then.

Links For Free Crochet Hearts Patterns

Valentine heart with roses

Sunburst Crochet Heart

Crochet Heart Sachet

Love Hearts

Granny Heart Bag

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