Posted on February 24, 2020

Crochet Hat Size Guide

Crochet Size Guides
Crochet Hat Size Guide

I have created this crochet hat size guide to help you get the right size when making hats.  There are two ways you can crochet hats, one is starting from with the rim and working up, the other is starting by increasing a circle to the required size and then carrying on without any increase until the required hat length.  I much prefer the increasing circle method and this size chart shows the measurement guides for this.

I always start with a magic circle and crochet 12 trebles [UK terms] into it, then on the next round increase it to two trebles in each stitch.  Each round after this is increased until you get to the required crown diameter of the size of hat you are making.

Measure crown size for required size

Increase round until you get to the required crown diameter

After you have the required crown diameter, you then just keep crocheting in rounds, without any increase, until you get to the desired hat length for the size you are making.

Crochet Hat Size Guide

Measure hat from top to bottom till required hat length.

I have made many hats using this method, in all different sizes, from newborn baby to adult sizes.  I have also used many different yarns and stitches, which is the beauty of this method because it doesn’t matter what you use or the stitch you do, the head circumference size will always be the same.  So, with a thicker yarn the hat will work up quicker.  I have made hats this way using half treble, double crochet and even a puff stitch, which looked very effective.

Crochet Hat Size Guide

Crochet Hat Size Guide

Hope you find this Crochet Hat Guide useful?  I will do a few more size guides for blankets and scarves to help you with your crochet.  I’m off now to do some more crochet as I can’t do anything else, it’s pouring with rain!  Will be back soon x

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