Posted on March 25, 2020

Crochet Mini Easter Baskets

Made By Me
Crochet Mini Easter Baskets

Well it’s only a few weeks until Easter and I have been busy making these cute crochet mini Easter baskets.  I have made them in lots of different colours whilst I have been in lockdown!  They are so easy to make, I made mine using Drops Muskat and Paris cotton yarn.  The ones made in Muskat came up a little bigger but that just means more chocolate eggs! 😉

Crochet Mini Easter Baskets

Crochet Mini Easter Baskets

I first made just six to see how they went, I took them to my sister’s house, who’s little granddaughter was visiting and she took an instant shine to them and asked if her and her sister could have one!  Of course I had to say yes, so when I got home I made a few more and my sister took some into her works to try and sell some.  She is a lot more artistic than me and this is what she did to make them more into an Easter gift.

Baskets With Chicks

Baskets With Chicks

I bought the mini chocolate eggs but my sister added the chicks and I thought they looked fantastic!  She managed to sell nearly all of them before her works had to shut down and I donated some of the money made from them to the local hospice.

Easter Baskets with Chocolate eggs

Mini Easter Baskets With Chocolate eggs

I was looking on the internet for Easter egg basket patterns and the best one I found was this one on YouTube  by Fiber Flux, I will add the link to her pattern at the bottom of the page.  The baskets I made came out slightly bigger than than the ones in the pattern because I used two strands of yarn to make mine.  They not only came out a little bigger but they were a bit sturdier too.

Mini Easter egg basket

Mini Easter Egg Basket In White

I thought these little baskets would make ideal gifts for children and adults alike.  Also they would look good on your easter dinning table.  I have made a few for myself to add around my home and of course I made some for my lovely sister to thank her for all her help, she does crochet herself but she doesn’t like doing small fiddly things!

I’m off now for the one walk a day I am allowed, at least the sun is shining! Haha.  Keep safe everyone.

Link to pattern:

Youtube – Fiber Flux




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