Posted on June 7, 2018

Crochet Baby Sandals

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Crochet baby sandals

Summer has finally arrived here in the UK so I have been busy making these really cute crochet baby sandals.  I found the pattern for these in one of my favourite crochet magazines, ‘Love Crochet’.  It is such an easy pattern to make and I love the surface crochet on the front and around the back, I think it gives a good textured look.

Love Crochet Magazine

Love Crochet Magazine May 2018 Edition

Unfortunately, because this isn’t my pattern, I can’t really show you how to make them as that wouldn’t be right or fair to the creator of the pattern.  But I can show you the different colours I have made in them and what cotton I used, to give you some ideas of the colours you can make. I have made them in pink, dusky pink, and peach colours and the only colour I have sold up to now is the peach colour, it is proving very popular!  I am also going to make a few pairs in all white and add little white pearl buttons to them, thinking they will be ideal for babies going to weddings or christenings.

The beauty of these baby sandals is that they are made in 100% cotton yarn, which will help keep the tiny feet cool.  The cotton recommended in the magazine is Debbie Bliss Cotton DK but I used Drops Muscat as I really like this cotton, it is very soft, easy to work with and has a nice, slight sheen to it.  I have made a few baby items in this cotton and they always turn out really nice.  These are a few of the other colours I have bought to make the sandals in.

Drops Muskat

Drops Muskat DK Cotton

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these crochet baby sandals and that I have given you some ideas of other colours that can be made in them.  Even though I say it myself, I think these little sandals are absolutely gorgeous!

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