Posted on April 12, 2018

Crochet Baby Booties

Made By Me
Crochet baby booties

Crochet baby booties is what I make an awful lot of and I particularly like the ones with the crocodile stitch pattern around the ankles.  I bought this pattern a good few years ago on Ravelry, which is by the designer, Bonita Patterns. This is my absolute favourite pattern and I have made all sizes in them, even adults.

When I first started making these very cute booties, I used variegated yarn but I found it quite difficult to match the colours up on the second foot.  I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I liked to have both feet looking the same.  I wasted a lot of yarn winding it on to get to the same colour for the second foot.


So I made a few pairs of the booties in plain colours and added nice wooden buttons to them but they haven’t been as popular as the multi-coloured ones.  I personally think they look really good and I thought, for older children, they would have been more preferred but alas I was wrong!

So the next thing I decided to do was to change the colour myself as I went along.  I find that using three different colours usually works best, but I have also used just two colours and even five.  I make the sole of the booties in one colour and then do the first two rows of the foot part in the same colour, then I change to a different colour and complete the foot part in this colour.  The next part of the booties is what makes these so different and cute I think, it’s the crocodile stitch pattern around the ankle.  This is made up of five rows of the crocodile stitch, so if I’m using three colours I just alternate the colours to what looks best, if I make them using just two colours, I alternate them on every other row and the ones made in five colours have a different colour for each row.  As you can imagine, using different colours to make these booties, leads to a lot of ends needing to be sewn in, which is a bit more work but I think the end result looks so much better and each row is exactly the same colour on each foot.

Crochet baby booties

Crochet baby booties made changing the yarn for each colour

The patterns I bought are for three different sizes, babies, toddlers and adults and each size has the crocodile stitch part being five rows tall.  But I found that the very small baby booties only really need three rows for the ankle part as five rows would come too far up the leg, but this is only my opinion.  I started making this size with just three rows of the crocodile stitch and I think they look better, but of course it depends on how big the baby is!  Here are a few I have made using just three rows for the ankle.

After I had been making these gorgeous little booties for some time, imagine how delighted I was to find a hat pattern to match them!  I was looking through the crochet magazine I subscribe to, Simply Crochet, and there it was, a really cute pixie hat with the crocodile stitch on.  Well I just had to make one and now I sell them as a set with the baby booties.  These are a few I have made.

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at the booties I make and I have given you some ideas of the different colour ways and styles you can do making these.  So which are your favourites, plain colours or multi coloured? I would love to hear any comments you may have. I have included a link to the pattern at the bottom of the page, it is a paid pattern but I am not affiliated with it at all, I just included it for your convenience.

Link for pattern – Bonita Patterns – Crocodile Boots 

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